Google Discontinues Google Glass AR Headset once more

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The second one new release of the headset changed into geared toward the commercial enterprise sector as opposed to customers.

Google will right now stop promoting its augmented fact glasses, the Google Glass organisation version 2, the corporation announced on a help page Wednesday. The announcement marks the second time in the beyond 10 years that Google has discontinued the head-mounted optical show.

Google has been lively in VR and AR for years, making its first foray into sales of clever glasses in April 2013 with the release of Google Glass. But, the $1,500 headset became in large part visible as high priced and invasive, and Google stopped promoting its first Glass edition in January 2015.

Two years later, Google re-entered the market with a hardware revamp of Glass in a similar layout. Rather than pursuing the client market, Google aimed the customizable Glass organization version at the commercial enterprise region, mainly factories and surgeons. The modern day edition were given a velocity increase in 2019 with the addition of a faster Qualcomm XR1 chip, a low-electricity processor designed for lightweight AR and VR devices.

Even though Google said it would forestall selling the headset as of Wednesday, it plans to keep supporting the glasses till Sept. 15. Google said the glasses will maintain to work after Sept. 15, but it does not plan to problem any software program updates and its preinstalled Meet the Glass app may additionally prevent operating after that date.

The support web page failed to supply a purpose for the discontinuation, nor did a Google representative while asked. “For years, we have been constructing AR into many Google merchandise and we’re going to retain to look at ways to deliver new, modern AR stories throughout our product portfolio,” the Google spokesman stated.

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